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Mentor Handbook

Bringing together students, with alumni and professionals for career mentorship.

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Bringing together students with alumni and professionals for career mentorship.

This program brings together students and mentors for career mentorship. The goal is to provide mentees with a supportive network that they can depend upon to seek guidance, develop professional skills, and receive recommendations that will prepare them for the future. Mentorship offers many opportunities — to promote career and scholarly success, help in career exploration, and build important, lasting relationships with others. This program is designed to last at least 6 months, although the relationships formed could last well into the future.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring consists of a long-term relationship focused on supporting the growth and development of the mentee.

What is a mentor?

Looking back at your career journey, there are likely key individuals who helped guide you along the way. They gave you feedback and a listening ear during a pivotal moment. Mentors helped shape who you are today, and you’ll unlikely forget their impact on you. This might be the first time you’ll be a mentor, but for others, you may have served as a mentor many times over. In either case, this guide will serve as a resource for expectations, tips on best supporting your new mentee, and guidance on building an impactful relationship.

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Expectations of Mentors

As a mentor, it’s good to understand what’s involved and how much of a time commitment is expected.

Tools to support you:

  •  Please message, send dial-ins, or video-chat in the
    platform [important for safety + security]
  • Sign up for SMS notifications for meeting reminders
  • Sync your calendar for easy scheduling
  • Help your mentee set monthly goals in the platform inbox
  • And, of course, actively listen during your meetings with your mentee.

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