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The Network Effect: From Striving to Thriving

A networked product without a network is not very helpful.

A networked product without a network is not very helpful.

Imagine a telephone with no one to call or opening Uber and seeing no drivers or cars available. That’s what it would feel like if a student joins PeopleGrove and there’s no one sharing their experiences, offering advice, or lending a hand and the confidence to take the next step on their professional journey.

The network effect happens when products get more valuable as more people use them. PeopleGrove incorporates the five-phase network effect framework to drive people as quickly as possible to sign up, stay engaged and use the network more because other students, alumni, and faculty are also using it more.

Let’s look at the five stages of network effects and how PeopleGrove supports growth at each.

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Challenge the way it’s always been done.

A growth strategy is crucial; the value of your PeoleGrove platform becomes greater with every student, alumni, faculty, and staff who joins. When schools build a network that gives access to the career support –learners want and need, the network becomes an asset to the university and the people active in the network.


  1. Support learners with resources, guidance, and access they need to grow their career confidence – all in one place.
  2. Help students build social capital and make access to opportunities more equitable.
  3. Offer alumni new avenues of connection to their alma mater.
  4. Encourage alumni to give back in all kinds of ways.

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