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Alumni & Advancement

In 2022, PeopleGrove released the first-of-its-kind impact report. Its goal was to understand how student-alumni engagement communities – which PeopleGrove […]

4 min read

Networking & Mentorship

Authored by Kurt Kraiger, PhD Located in the heart of Memphis, the Fogelman College of Business and Economics is a […]

6 min read

Alumni & Advancement

Presidents and Boards of Regents are looking for their department heads to deliver data that supports university-wide goals. Not just […]

2 min read

Alumni & Advancement

How a Career Access Approach Can Help Alumni Relations Fulfill Alumni Expectations in Multiple Ways Alumni Engagement in the Old […]

6 min read

Alumni & Advancement

How to Meet Alumni Needs While Providing A Space For Them To Give Back The Way They Want To “What […]

5 min read

Academic Affairs

Fighting higher ed’s perception problem by extending lifetime value. As the new semester kicks off, in an all too predictable […]

7 min read

Admin Users

Founded in 1865, the University of Kansas is the state’s flagship university, with five campuses located across eastern and central […]

6 min read

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