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University of Pittsburgh Creates Centralized Community to Support Thousands of Students Across Programs


Public Research University


Pittsburgh, PA





PeopleGrove is such an amazing tool for us to support our students because it helps centralize and create a common community online. We're very grateful for the partnership.
Julia Spears
Former Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation
University of Pittsburgh

University of Pittsburgh serves undergrad, graduate, and professional students—and they don't all share the same challenges or pain points.

To reach their strategic engagement goals, the university sought to create an online community that would support the entire university.

"We realized that building virtual connections is helping us to reach students where they're at," shared now former Associate Vice Provost for Academic Innovation, Julia Spears. And that's helped them expand both the types of mentoring opportunities they offer and overall participation.

Hear more about how University of Pittsburgh is using PeopleGrove to drive connections and mentorship in the following video.