PeopleGrove's Mobile App

PeopleGrove helps you meet your learners where they are, to be as mobile as they are, and delight them in the process.

Capture interest during a walk between classes, a break between meetings, or even dual-screening while relaxing at home. You can’t afford to miss a single opportunity for human-to-human connection through community engagement.

The Best Mobile Experience on the Market

You've heard the horror stories: you pay extra to obtain a vendor's mobile app, it takes forever to be designed, then when it's finally ready it only works on iOS and not on Android. Not so with PeopleGrove. Our mobile app is included in every sale at no extra charge. It works on every operating system. And it's ready for showtime on day one.

Your Logo, Every Day

U.S. adults spend an average of four hours on their mobile devices every day, and that includes Gen Z, 98% of whom own a mobile device. That provides a lot of chances to make a brand impression, and a lot of opportunity for community building.

And let's be clear. This isn't the PeopleGrove brand building—it's yours! Your PeopleGrove app is customized to reflect your institution logo, colors, and programming.

Features A-to-Z, not A-to-G

Part of what makes PeopleGrove the preferred platform among leading institutions is its highly configurable nature. PeopleGrove is custom tailored to each customer’s goals, user types, and configurations.

That’s why people love the mobile app as well. All of your site’s customizations and unique configurations are reflected in your mobile app.

Easy Install Drives Adoption

PeopleGrove is disrupting the market with forward-thinking, innovative ideas and a more efficient way of delivering apps to end users. How does that work?

Simple: You send your learners a link, they open it on their phone, and there’s the prompt to download the app. Right there, ready for showtime.

Plus All the Perks You'd Expect from PeopleGrove

Speed, reliability, and security. Continuous upgrades and updates. Innovative thinking supported by advanced technology and competent, caring people.

Take the Tour

A great mobile user experience is just one of many powerful engagement tools. We have many more. Explore all of our powerful functions in our product tour.

Personalized Demo

If you'd rather have someone take you on a tour of PeopleGrove, our team would love to meet you. When you're ready, schedule time with us.