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Customer Webinars

Leaders Share Their Cross-Campus Buy-In Successes

Hear how three PeopleGrove partners achieved cross-campus buy-in for their programs and platform.

2 min read

The student journey isn’t just when a student actively studies at your institution. The student journey spans from Admissions to Alumni Engagement—from when they first consider your school to far beyond graduation.

With this in mind, initiatives to support students throughout their journey require cross-functional collaboration on your campus. Admissions & Enrollment, Academic Affairs, Career Services, and Alumni Relations need to link arms to make sure students have the resources they need to succeed—all at the right time.

While this sounds like a lofty goal, there are colleges & universities across the U.S. who are doing just this to increase career access for their learners at every step of their career.

We recently sat down with three such schools to learn how they achieved cross-campus buy-in for their programs (which they facilitate using the PeopleGrove platform).

Each partner has a different story—and all will inspire you to find ways to improve cross-functional collaboration to create career access for all.

You’ll hear from:

  • Randy Wang, Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Santa Clara University
  • Cheryl Bonner, Director of Alumni Career Services, Penn State University
  • Laurence Bolotin, Executive Director of Alumni Relations, Loyola University Chicago

Watch the webinar recording below, and be sure to check out the Events page to register for upcoming webinars.