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Connect prospective students with alumni who embody their desired career outcomes.


These days prospective students and their parents need to know their investment in higher education will pay off. Prospective students who feel connected to your university’s great alumni network and campus culture are far more likely to enroll. The challenge is that connecting your prospective students with current students and alumni may be challenging given the geographical constraints.


With PeopleGrove, each student has their own team of advisers, alumni, peers - providing support and guidance from the moment they’re admitted to school. By feeling part of the community and experiencing the culture from the beginning, students are significantly more likely to enroll and persist.

Benefits to Enrollment and Admissions Leaders

Increase Yields

With a highly personalized “success team” and technology that makes it effortless to connect to the community, you can expect every admittee to actively and positively engage with your university.

Smarter Management

You and your staff will receive individual, groups, and aggregate real-time data for trend identification, smarter spot decision making, and better management outcomes.

Immediate Impact

With customized onboarding, tailored configurations, and seamless integration into your CRM you can reach students within weeks and see measurable results almost immediately.

Jen HalpinGeorge Washington University
You guys are amazing - we love your team, your software.

Seamless Communication

“How did alumni help you get your first job? How does the university support entrepreneurship?”

Enable prospects to experience what makes your university unique -- the people. With our real-time video chat and seamless scheduling system, prospects can meet virtually with students and alumni around the world.

Smart Matching

“How am I going to pair prospects with the right ambassador?”

Leverage our intelligent bulk matching algorithm to set up smart pairings - hundreds at a time. Configure the algorithm for your community, matching prospects with alumni that match their desired majors, shared backgrounds, career aspirations, and more.

Automated Sentiment Survey

“How likely is it that an admitted student will enroll or perhaps even melt?”

Deliver a survey to every prospective student and an alumni interviewer just after they’ve chatted one-on-one, equipping your enrollment team with key data to inform enrollment predictability.

Real-time Reporting and Insight

“Which type of our alumni do prospects want to connect with? What types of questions are they asking alumni?”

PeopleGrove’s real-time reporting and dashboards reveal insights about your prospective students, empowering you to listen, learn, and engage with the prospects who need more attention.

We’re dedicated to supporting your enrollment team.

Seamless CRM Integrations

PeopleGrove can work as a stand-alone application or integrate seamlessly with your existing CRM, including Slate, Ellucian, and Salesforce, to make tracking your work – and getting results – even easier.

Focus on User Engagement

You’ve got a team behind you committed to setting you up for long term success. We’ve helped clients create smart auto-notifications, set up reports and dashboards, and train staff on-the-ground to drive success.

Enterprise Level Admin Controls

With easy-to-setup, flexible admin access levels, robust data controls, and custom workflows and branding, PeopleGrove will ensure your business needs are supported.

Secure On All Fronts

How do we think about student privacy and data security? It’s at the top of our mind. Our dedicated security team ensures your data is handled and stored safely.

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