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Platform / Mentorship

Make Mentorship More Powerful

It’s time to rethink what mentorship means. Time to make it a whole lot easier to manage. And it’s time for the career benefits of it to be accessible by all.

When mentorship is easier, everyone wins

Mentorship is too impactful to limit it to a few students and alumni. Great for learners who know they want a “coach,” it’s also great for those who don’t. Because as they’re exploring, starting, or switching careers, PeopleGrove can connect every learner to multiple mentors, showing them if they’ll actually be happy in a career before they get too far down any one path.

Made for Learners, Designed for Schools

Mentorship doesn’t have to be work

Highly supervised mentorship programs create deep networking connections. But for small career/alumni offices, they’re time-consuming and impossible to scale. PeopleGrove both supports the formal programs for students/alumni that want them and enables informal mentoring campuswide. 

Lots of oversight? Not required. Simply turn PeopleGrove on. The smart technology of Network Builder matches learners with alumni based on shared interests, then teaches them to start connecting

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Redefining the Structure

There's more than one way to mentor

By making mentorship on-demand and more accessible with PeopleGrove, mentorship initiatives are more likely to succeed.

Informal Mentoring

Quick (or “flash”) informal conversations.

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Formal Mentoring

Structured career and peer programs.

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Managed Mentoring

Formal Programs, but administered completely by PeopleGrove on a school's behalf.

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Making a Difference

Supporting student & alumni mentorship outcomes

76% of students

say connecting with others through PeopleGrove made them more confident in their ability to be successful in the job market¹

3 out of 4

alumni said that their alma mater meets or exceeds their expectations in providing them with access to job opportunities¹

86% of alumni

say their alma mater meets or exceeds their expectations for mentorship by giving them access to PeopleGrove¹

Informal Mentoring

Quick mentoring conversations

Quick mentoring, or “flash” mentoring, are one-time conversations between a mentee and a mentor (can be as simple as messaging a Super Mentor). Informal, and non-intimidating, quick mentoring is a valuable way for learners to get immediate answers to all kinds of career questions, from “what classes should I take” to “what’s the work life balance like” in specific careers.

Built-in calendaring for instant scheduling and requests.

Video, phone, or email flexibility.

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Formal Mentoring

Programmatic mentorship

For those running formal mentoring programs (career or peer programs), PeopleGrove saves schools time. Advanced algorithms attract participants for you, ending the manual recruitment. By learning personality traits and why alumni want to be mentors, PeopleGrove makes more sophisticated pairings. And career mentorship curriculum is built right in, so staff get the tools and the guidance to run it.

Optimize Bulk Matching with a custom-tailored algorithm.

Track goals and report on progress with high-level data that’s easy to grab anytime.

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Managed Mentoring

A service add-on

For schools that are looking for help setting up, running, and monitoring their formal mentorship programs, PeopleGrove can service these programs end to end. This supplemental service is ideal for teams with limited resources who want a formal program up and running in as little as 6 weeks.

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Mentoring Results

Success at WashU

With their alumni asking for mentorship opportunities, Washington University in St. Louis needed a platform that offered structured mentoring programs online. That’s where PeopleGrove came in – and continues to be a go-to resource.


participants have 2-way connections

4.74/5 Stars

average user satisfaction

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How Students & Alumni Benefit

The features learners want

Any type of mentorship with PeopleGrove meets students and alumni where they are in their career journey and helps them connect in the ways that work for them.

Conversational Prompts

Suggestions on what to ask and how to answer keep dialog flowing and productive – so learners are never stressed about what to say.

Modern Ways to Connect

Built in video chat, dial-ins, and SMS notifications.

Relationship-Building Guidance

Reminders bring participants back after the first chat and tips teach both parties how to nurture the relationship.

Easy Scheduling

2-way calendar integration, with availability windows, support a participant's schedule, no matter how busy.

Helpful Pathways

Learners can self-explore themes, including "Design Your Life" and "The Art of Informational Interviews."

Career Support for Alumni

Not just for students, alumni can mentor other alumni, allowing universities to provide lifelong career support.

Super Mentors Book

The ordinary person’s guide to asking extraordinary people
for help

Leverage a modern approach to mentorship -- one that helps ambitious people solve challenging obstacles.

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Universities Using PeopleGrove

A smarter platform for higher education

Resources for mentorship

Explore resources that support universities in creating a learner first strategy.

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Alumni & Advancement

Social Capital Impact Webinar

1 min read

Mentorship, evolved

Demo mentorship in PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™.
  1. PeopleGrove's 2021-2022 Benchmarks Report