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Formal Mentoring Programs

All the tools needed to grow, manage and track successful structured mentoring.

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Managed Formal Mentoring Programs

We’ve Got This

We’ve done this a lot — we know what works and how to help our partners see lasting success. Throughout the years, we’ve honed our knowledge and built in-house expertise to launch a mentoring program and achieve desired results successfully.

See How It Works

  • Applicants receive a personalization program
    invitation to their inbox, and fill out a series of
    questions to apply to join.
  • Once admitted, mentees view mentor profiles and
    indicate up to 3 “favorite” mentors they wish to be
    paired with.
  • Mentors complete a training pathway, educating
    them on their role, effective communication, goal
    setting and platform basics.
  • Our matching algorithm includes a variety of
    customizable factors such as mentee favorites,
    industry interests, skills, and education.
  • The program has resources specifically designed for
    you — helpful activities and handouts to assist with
    goal setting, conversation topics, and reflection.
  • Participants receive emails and notifications that will
    remind them of new messages, upcoming meetings,
    or goal deadlines — how convenient!
  • Participants can sync personal calendars and send
    messages and video call directly through the
    platform — no need to exchange personal contact



See Full Shareable

We’ll fully take the reins on all stages of the mentorship journey. This includes building & designing the program for you, launching
it to your community, and maintaining it for the long haul.

  1. 2-weeks time-to-launch
  2. 300+ mentoring programs implemented
  3. 90K + learners


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