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PeopleGrove Platform Promotion Toolkit

Your go-to place for promoting your PeopleGrove platform—both on-campus and online.

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Your go-to place for promoting your PeopleGrove platform—both on-campus and online. We’ll be adding to this toolkit over time, so be sure to bookmark this page. 


Getting Started

Remind me, what’s PeopleGrove?

PeopleGrove is higher education’s first Career Access Platform™. A solution for mentorship, networking, career exploration, and job connections, PeopleGrove helps universities connect college to career. Made for students and alumni at any point in life, this platform offers smart, personalized, lifelong career support. Want more insights on the creative ideas behind this toolkit? Watch the video below. 


Personalization Instructions

These items are designed to be easily customized by you with just four important elements: your platform’s logo, name, and URL plus a QR code that links to your platform’s URL. 

How to Add Your Platform’s Logo, Name, URL, and QR code

  1. If you don’t have a logo for your platform hub, use this Canva template to easily create yours. 
  2. Reference these Co-Branded Guidelines to make sure you’re creating your platform hub logo correctly.
  3. Download the individual assets below and open them using Acrobat. Simply type in your platform’s name and URL where the copy indicates to do so. Similarly, add your platform’s logo and QR code where the placeholders are positioned.

How to Generate Your QR Code

QR codes are an easy way for learners to access your PeopleGrove platform online while interacting with a physical marketing asset, such as a flyer or poster. We’ve put together these instructions on how to create a QR code, including how to incorporate your school’s brand into the QR code.


Using These Materials

When you click the links to the printed materials below, you’ll be asked to enter your email address. For each type of printed asset, you’ll find a variety of options with different colors and messaging so you can choose what works best for you and your learners. You’ll also see recommended sizes for printing. 



Promote your PeopleGrove platform on-campus with bright, large format posters. We recommend having these printed at a local office supply store or printer. 

Recommended Size: 24×36 inches

For Students  |  For Alumni & Faculty



Want to include information about your PeopleGrove platform in on-campus offices or share around during cross-campus meetings? Download and print these two-sided flyers for quick distribution.

Recommended Size: 8.5×11 inches

For Students  |  For Alumni & Faculty


Table Tents 

Set up table tents in the student dining hall or during alumni weekend. Table tents can be a great way to capture attention while students and alumni are sitting down, eating, or having a conversation. 

Recommended Size: Folded 5×5.5 inches, Unfolded 5×11 inches

For Students  |  For Alumni & Faculty



Have an event coming up? Postcards are a lightweight way to introduce your community to PeopleGrove and encourage sign-ups. 

Recommended Size: 4.25×6 inches

For Students | For Alumni & Faculty


Email Templates

Email is one of the top channels for reaching alumni. This digital communication makes it easy to link to your PeopleGrove platform to help Learners take their next steps.

Email Templates in Bulk Email: There are dozens of templates pre-loaded for you within the Bulk Email section of your admin dashboard. Watch this brief video on how to find and use these templates.

Network Builder: Network Builder helps drive signups and engagement by leveraging data to serve content, notifications, and nudges to your users to help them get the most out of the platform—without you having to do anything.