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The Smarter Way to Build a Network

Network Builder, an AI-powered growth engine, is the smart technology at the core of PeopleGrove’s Career Access Platform™ – and it can build communities for universities like never before.

Your network, automated

 The bigger the network, the more powerful its effects are – especially when learners have career exploration, job connections, mentorship, and networking to gain. Unlike all other alternative platforms, PeopleGrove is the only platform technologically advanced enough to automate network growth and user engagement.

Artificial Intelligence Meets Career Access

The only Network Builder that never sleeps

Any career or networking community needs people and career content, both of which have to be continually surfaced to users. Only PeopleGrove uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to do it all. Campus evangelism? There’s a machine for that, lessening the burden on staff.

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This is Smart Acquisition

Growing users on your behalf

A Career Access Platform™ needs a healthy mix of students and alumni – and Network Builder brings in the right balance of both. Through a multi-channel approach, messages tailored towards different types of learners invite them into the platform. With the best “netiquette” practices in mind, invitations adjust to an invitee's awareness level, making the introduction to PeopleGrove a completely custom, intelligent experience. 

More alumni in the network gives alumni offices a wider reach for fundraising opportunities.

A more balanced network of alumni and student groups leads to more social capital for all.

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This is Powerful Engagement

Serving learners on the behalf of universities

Network Builder doesn’t just bring learners into the platform, it gets them to return. Using powerful algorithms, it’s constantly recommending careers, jobs, and people – all to be incredibly helpful to every person. And as users add to their profiles and take actions, Network Builder keeps learning, giving more thoughtful and informed guidance as time goes on.

Offers the right career help at the right time, connecting college to career.

Engaging for every stage of a career, from starting out to giving back.

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College to Career

There's value in those degrees

When students and alumni see what PeopleGrove can do, they have only their alma maters to thank.

62% of students

using PeopleGrove say that, because of the platform, they’re likely to agree that their education is worth the cost.¹

59% of alumni

using PeopleGrove agreed their participation on the platform kept their alma mater relevant in their lives.¹


What makes a smart network smart?

Curated Content

Based on a user’s interests and experiences

Tailored Recommendations

No user experience is the same

Action-Triggered Notifications

Surfaces what’s most helpful in real time

Networking Tips

Teach learners how to be better at networking

Built-In Communication Limits

Prevents institutions from over-communication and user-fatigue


Messages and cadence adjust automatically based on time of year

Universities Using PeopleGrove

Higher education's first Career Access Platform™

Resources for thought leaders

Explore resources that support universities in creating a learner first strategy.

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Career access should be automatic

Demo how Network Builder does it in PeopleGrove's Career Access Platform™.
  1. PeopleGrove's 2021-2022 Benchmarks Report