Purposeful Mentorship Programs

Define your purpose and set your goals. Invite your people and collect their preferences. Then, use PeopleGrove’s bulk matching tool to optimize pairings, kick off the relationships, and let the system guide the rest. It’s mentorship, made easy.

Have a Hand in What Happens Between Mentors and Mentees

When you want many experienced volunteers to guide a large number of mentees down a predetermined path, one by one, you need a Program to help you manage it all. PeopleGrove Mentorship Programs are perfect for times when you have an intention in mind. 

Gather the Crucial Information

Mentees want mentors who understand them. Mentors want to help those who are genuinely interested in their expertise. Upon program registration, capture the information you need to make awesome matches.

Optimize the Bulk Match

Ever tried to manually match 1,000’s of mentorship pairings using spreadsheets? If you haven’t please don’t try. We fear for your sanity. Rather, let our custom-tailored algorithm recommend optimal pairings.

Set Goals for Instant Reporting

Configure the 3-to-7 or so goals you want your volunteers to help your mentees complete, set reminder dates, and then watch the completed tasks flow in. Goodbye, painstaking follow-up!

Some partner universities using PeopleGrove to manage their Mentorship Programs:

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Structured mentorship is not the only thing your community is asking for. They also want unstructured opportunities to connect. Enable both. See how.

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