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Where People Find Careers That Make Them Happy

There are many ways to navigate, build, even change careers, but no one should have to go it alone. Enter PeopleGrove: made for students, alumni, and learners from all walks of life, it's radically helpful access to the opportunities and people that help learners be who they want to be.

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Career Access For Students & Alumni

For those who know – or don’t – or can help

Not sure what to do? PeopleGrove helps learners find their way, recommending careers to read, watch, and ask about – all tailored to an individual’s interests. Have an idea but want to try a job first to see if it fits? PeopleGrove is where lots of people – we’re talking potentially all who graduated from the same alma mater – can raise their hands to help share their career stories and answer questions. And when it’s time to apply? PeopleGrove connects learners to not just jobs but people who want to help applicants get hired.


of students say connecting with their PeopleGrove community made them more confident in their ability to be successful in the job market.¹


of students using PeopleGrove say they're confident in their ability to be successful in the job market.¹

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The PeopleGrove Difference

Meet the most helpful career platform ever made

Getting a job should be easy, not intimating. Unlike other job boards and career networking sites, only PeopleGrove uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to help the job seeker, not the job poster. Only PeopleGrove teaches learners how to ask for career help and who to talk to. And only PeopleGrove pairs them with insiders offering internships, jobs, and introductions.


of learners agree that
connecting with one or more PeopleGrove members helped them find employment.¹


of students say they
got advice through the PeopleGrove community that directly helped them get a job.¹

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Career Access for All

Real support, from real people, for the real world

With as many as 80% of jobs going unposted, getting an offer is sometimes all about “who you know.” For those who don’t know the right people – or anyone at all – there’s PeopleGrove. This is career readiness and exploration, alumni to student mentoring, and network building for anyone. No prior experience and no connections required.


of alumni said they
would use their PeopleGrove platform should they ever want a career change.¹


of students agreed that, because of one or more connections on the platform, they were able to get a good job or internship.¹

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Redefining Alumni Career Support

Put a life's work to good use

For the professionals who have already come far, PeopleGrove helps alumni transform not just the lives of the less experienced but also their own. It’s alumni career support for networking, and it’s a solution for keeping alumni connected to their alma mater, sharing their career wisdom and expanding their life’s purpose.


of alumni agreed their participation on the Career Access Platform™ kept their alma mater relevant after graduation.¹


of alumni agreed that, because of PeopleGrove, they are more likely to volunteer or give back in other ways to the community.¹

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How Confidence & Access to Opportunity Grow

Connections open doors

76% of students

agree that connecting with one or more community members through PeopleGrove made them feel more confident in the job market.¹

2x more likely

Students with 10+ connections were 2x more likely to agree that, because of PeopleGrove, they were able to get a good job or internship.¹

62% of students

using PeopleGrove say that, because of the platform, they are more likely to agree that their education is worth the cost.¹

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Demo how the PeopleGrove platform can help with career access.
Put Students & Alumni in Control

Career development tools students & alumni want

Intro Videos

Alumni profiles are more than a static resume. Students can experience firsthand how friendly alumni are.

Message Templates

PeopleGrove's pre-formatted message templates teach learners how to connect regarding a specific ask, like choosing a major.

Multi-Channel Conversations

Speak to other learners via message, video call, phone, or in person - whatever participants prefer.

Unified Inbox

Learners have control: They can limit the number of inbound email requests they receive or report and block others if needed.

Privacy Controls

If they choose, learners can restrict their profile availability to only-students or only-alumni.

Hide Personal Info

PeopleGrove easily integrates with Zoom, and learners don't have to share contact information, like phone numbers or email addresses.

Built-In Calendaring

Request a few minutes to meet with a mentor. Accept, reject, or reschedule with ease.


This smart technology ensures people are welcomed into the community from the start. Students opt into this experience, and student privacy is always protected.

Intelligent Experiences

Network Builder uses tailored notifications for every kind of learner, inviting them back into the platform and building awareness of new content.

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