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Actually Connect the Classroom to Real Careers

Career experience leads to career readiness.

There's more to career confidence than studies

In Academic Affairs offices, selecting a major is – rightly – a big deal. After graduation, however, the academic classes a student found success in won’t always make or break a learner’s career. Since most switch jobs four times in the first decade after college¹, majors aren’t the only way universities can ensure post-college student success. Enter: experiences. 

Career Prep

Leveraging career connections

Reality is, career paths today aren’t linear. And academic advising can adapt to this. Universities can prepare students to be career ready, just as well as they prepare students to be leaders, researchers, scholars, and fellows. Offering access to relationship-rich and work-integrated experiences is how. 

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Student Expectations Have Changed

Classes must support careers

Even if they're unsure of what their career will look like, as college students enter college, research shows they're job-aware from the start.


of students said that “to be able to get a good job” was a very important factor in their decision to pursue higher education.²

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of college students will change their major at least once during their college career

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University's Greatest Marketing Tool

Alumni serve as a valuable resource

With PeopleGrove, universities can give their learners a dynamic way to consume as many career experiences as possible through a win-win resource: alumni. Inside PeopleGrove, students (and alumni seeking career support) are connected to career exploration content and alumni. Video career stories from real professionals and multimedia resumes make for bite-sized learning opportunities. And PeopleGrove helps learners ask those alumni how their major connects to their career, making students better informed about their choices – and helping them build social capital.

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Connections Support Careers

Social capital is key

Students overwhelming recognize building a network will help their careers, studies show.


of first-years say they intend to build relationships with alumni – but only 27% of seniors say they actually do.³

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of students using PeopleGrove agree connecting with members in the platform made them more confident in their ability to be successful in the job market.⁴

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Career-focused features for academic affairs

Academic success includes career confidence with PeopleGrove’s Career Access Platform™.

Project-Based Learning

Help students gain real-world experience with projects in their desired field.

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Alumni Guest Speakers

Boost student engagement by inviting a subject matter expert to present in class.

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On-Demand Content

Personalize learning by giving students resources they can consume on their own time, when they’re ready.

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