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Actually Connect the Classroom to Real Careers

Experiential learning leads to career readiness.

High-Impact Practices are key to academic success

The number one reason learners enroll in college is career.¹ And universities can prepare students to be career ready, just as well as they prepare students to be leaders, researchers, scholars, and fellows. For success beyond college, universities need to help students apply their studies to the real working world. That’s where relationship-rich, work-integrated experiences come in. 

The Career Connection

Experiential learning

Internships, undergraduate research, and other experiential learning opportunities can deepen classroom learning and improve academic outcomes. And even after students earn their diplomas, these High-Impact Practices (HIPs) improve the likelihood that graduates — especially those from low-income and underrepresented backgrounds — will land jobs. 

Every student should have access to these life-changing opportunities. And they should be easier for universities to offer them and measure their impact. 

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Making Access Equitable

The importance of expanding experiential learning


of students nationally participate in experiential learning opportunities

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more likely

Black and Hispanic graduates are significantly more likely to get a good job after graduation if they have an internship²

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Work-Integrated Experiences

High-Impact Practices for all

With PeopleGrove, campuses can make it easy to participate in HIPs. They’ll get the chance to experience the work their studies are preparing them for and verify if they’ve chosen the right path. Plus, Student Projects for companies like Amazon or UnitedHealth build resumes that open doors. When every student can bolster their degree with real world experience, universities can level the playing field for traditionally underserved/marginalized students. 

  • Make HIPs universally accessible
  • Help faculty and staff incorporate HIPs into curriculum
  • Make HIPs an essential part of a degree
  • Give students the experiential education they're looking for
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PeopleGrove Results

Experiential learning equals student satisfaction


of students were “4/5 or 5/5” satisfied with their experiential learning project

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of students would recommend the experience to a friend

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Person-to-Person Career Connections

Empower learners with alumni experiences too

To successfully land their first destination, learners need hands-on experience and relationships too. Inside PeopleGrove, students (and alumni seeking career support) are connected to career exploration content and working alumni. Smart technology teaches learners how to network with alumni and use them as a resource for building an academic plan that prepares them for the workforce. Students end up with more career confidence, social capital, and a college experience that bridges the gap between the classroom and career. 

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Connections Support Student Outcomes

Social capital is key

Students overwhelmingly recognize building a network will help their careers, studies show.


of first-years say they intend to build relationships with alumni, but only 27% of seniors say they actually do³

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of students using PG agree connecting with members in the platform made them more confident in their ability to be successful in the job market⁴

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  1. Gallup, “Why Higher Ed?”, 2018